West Ranch High School varsity basketball player Andrew Meadow, a highly touted college prospect, committed to Boise State University on Thursday. Meadow made the announcement in front of hundreds of his classmates, who poured into West Ranch’s outdoor amphitheater to hear Meadow speak. “First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who came out today. This has been a very long journey since I first started playing basketball, countless workouts and much adversity and early mornings have all led me to this day,” said Meadow. “I want to thank all my family and friends for always supporting me and having my back throughout my life as well as everyone else that has supported me.” Meadow is a top prospect in the area and has the second best points per game numbers in the Foothill League, averaging just under 20. Last season, Meadow led the league in field goal percentage (54%) and total points (556). As to why he decided to commit to Boise State, Meadow said it just felt right. “It just felt like the right fit,” said Meadow. “You know, I had a good relationship with the coaches. When I went up there, I went up there for the team and everything just felt right, like the city, teammates, everything. It just felt right.” Meadow’s parents, Kevin and Nicole, said they of course wanted their son to go to a university with a great basketball program, but also one that would give him the best education. We’re just really excited that he was able to find the right fit and something that’s, you know, just a fantastic program that will help him continue to meet his goals,” said Nicole. “And develop him, most importantly, educationally and on the court,” said Kevin. “That was the hardest balance — to find a school that would take him for his athleticism, but also develop him in the classroom and prepare him for life as well.” Jeff Bryant, head coach of the basketball team, said he’s extremely proud of the progress and developments Meadow has made during his time at West Ranch. “I kind of choked some tears back here,” said Bryant. “It’s definitely an emotional time, full of joy because I’ve been knowing him since, you know, coming into the ninth grade and I’ve been here through his journey, and to see how much work he puts in day in and day out. It’s definitely joy and excitement.” Bryant said Meadow had an additional goal, to reach 1,000 total points, which Bryant said Meadow was very close to achieving. But the ultimate goal is to win a championship and Meadow corroborated this sentiment. “Some things I want to accomplish, definitely win a CIF and a state championship here at West Ranch. Also just have a great senior year, have fun with my teammates and just have the best season I can,” said Meadow. “I want to improve, definitely, just getting a little faster, stronger and… then everything else just shooting and everything. Just want to get better, [I’m] trying to be the best player I could be before I go to college.”